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Whatever industry your supplier stay in, we can help you to build better linkage with them. We have good experience of logistic service within China & Korea. Please check our Industry solutions, or contact our service people to know more.
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If you are in courier business in any country, any want to seek delivery agent in Middle East. Please Contact us to see what we can do together.
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We Run Cargo Service Using Courier Thinking

NICE provides the industry-specific expertise required to deliver innovative and effective solutions to customers in different industry sectors throughout Korea, China & Middle East.

Value-Added Services:
·Import/Export Support
·Export Documentation
·Customs Clearance
·International Trade Consulting & Compliance Services
·Systems Integration

The textile trading between China and Middle East has existed for a long history, since Silk Road Age. Now a day, the business contacting between two regions become ever busy. The modern logistics service totally changed the way of doing textile trading business. NICE as the pioneer of this area, through 10 years experience built a new Fast Silk Road. At Dubai, this Middle East business capital city in, Nice have served almost all big textile traders, and build long term business relationship with them.

From automotive parts trader to service parts user, NICE is winning customer trust and loyalty in China and Middle East. Driving our success to new levels, NICE' dedicated and talented industry specialists customize your supply chain with reliable and cost-efficient strategies around-the-clock.
Accelerating our industry-leading technology and innovative management processes we deliver the competitive edge to companies vying for business in the Middle East marketplace with total customer satisfaction.

Industrial products
There are great demands of industrial products in Middle East market. Every day Machine parts, industrial electronic, hard ware, tools, semi-product and other industrial material are distributed to everywhere within Middle East. NICE help to move and deliver the most urgent staffs.

- Sample Courier
China already became the world factory, it provide all products from toy to car for different consumer needs. Middle-East may be is one of the biggest markets for your product, our sample courier service make you ever close to the market.
- Purchasing service
As a free trade zone, Dubai became a distribute center of all popular global brands. Dubai is a purchasing dreamland for oversea Retailer and wholesale. If you find the brand which needs to purchase, you could ask us to make purchasing for you.

Every day we handle more than hundred Original Shipping Documents, with most secure and fast way to transit and deliver. NICE have built business relationship with most major shipping company and their agents. NICE deal with such an important documents more than 10 years, many of our customers’ business are highly relying on this excellent stable and speedy service. We also made significant save on courier service cost for all our customers.

Focus on Customer Needs, the Service Can’t Beat
Each customer is served by a personal customer service representative as well as an operational team, who are well aware of his needs and requirements, providing top professional solutions.
This customer service representative is an expert of all components of the international door to door forwarding process, updating his customer along the whole process. All import and export forwarding services are provided by a single one-stop operational unit.

Whichever you need sale product to Middle-East or need purchase something from there please contact our representative, they will give you our best suggest.

We have built professional experience in Textile, Automotive, Industrial Products, Commodity, and Shipping Industry.

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